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    10-11-13 Bluwolf:
    OPEN UP YOUR MINDS I have heard a lot of talk these days, talk about banks and about that all banks will be giving you the exact same exchange, though I fully respect all Intel and its providers I must differ from that fact. I will say this just one last time WF will be attending groups and they WILL BE BUYING YOUR DINARS, with that said they are able to offer you a much HIGHER RATE than all the rest. Sure the walk in rate will be the same in all US banks but all the rest of the banks will be just exchanging your dinar and that makes the difference. Nothing has changed on WFs behalf, if so I would bring it to your attention. So, those with register at groups, just relax we are cool. Word out to my knowledge, banks still showing high rates, cc on standby and alert, waiting on the positive sign from the folks in DC, once our countries position is overturned to one of a positive economic governmental control the signal will be given its GO. We are steps away for all this to come forward in occurring and I pray for all the citizens of our great nation. Please take this time to pray for our individual inner peace, pray for prosperity for the land, pray for health for all, pray for stability in all households. Let Almighty God Jehovah guide your paths and let His son Jesus be our Rock of fortitude, all this I declare it as so guided by the Spirit. Amen.

    10-11-13 TNT TONY:
    Good morning, TNT. It's Friday morning, October 11, 2013. Where do we start today? It's going to be a super fantastic day! I got a lot of good, private messages. While I can't answer them all I do try to read them all. I do appreciate all of them. I'm going to give you a little bit of over the line truth probably more than you wanted to know. And don't get mad at me I'm just the guy giving you the truth. It's all good. I tried to tell you yesterday, believe it or not, that we do get info ahead of the curve. So I'm only talking to 20,000 people. There are 350M people in the USA, so I don't think it's bad that I tell you. Yesterday we got time, rate, NDAs, etc. everything that happened between the groups, broken down to what they all agreed to. You have to realize by now especially you guys there is political theatre going on. Don't believe everything you read or see. Things are being done to protect some people, some people's future, so some people aren't embarrassed. I know we can all understand that. Everything you're seeing had to lead up to something, for a structured way for society. We have to see outside the box. Things are different that what I've seen in the last 30-40 years. Yesterday you questioned the agreement being made, it's being made but you're just not being told about it. It's behind closed doors so this thing can work. So one cal be blamed, just a misunderstanding for the public, has to be a give & take so nobody loses. Hopefully you'll see some things this afternoon. I wanted you to see it this morning, but now we're saying this afternoon. Yesterday the banks did receive the NDAs. There are 3 different versions with every state having their own. The version that I have all reads IQD, IQN and word out this morning is that they NDAs will encompass every currency involved in the GCR. STAND BY TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES Tony is hearing aliens in his headset. Here is the chain of events for yesterday: people were contact yesterday, banks were notified, 800#s should have been released yesterday, and I got notification that I was supposed to receive them. Cash out and call centers were manned and they were all excited. They were given a specific time and were given a 15 minute window. NDAs were reviewed and they said it should happen. Then they sent them all home. Before they could get home they called them back and told them to get back as soon as possible. It was scheduled and the system is set. I can't tell you they had errors in the system. Everybody all across the board is acknowledging that the system is working fine and has been available for the last 10 days. There are supposed to be some meetings this evening, but hopefully will be completed before then. It's still a go for today. If it's not 2 minutes from now somebody gets upset. The world is saying these NDAs are being used as an excuse. I've had mine since July. They've put these NDAs in their employees' hand and they can only be quiet for so long. Then there will be chaos if these bank employees start buying IQD and start walking off their jobs. So there is a sense of urgency that works in our favor. Word is leaking out that the privileged few are in fact getting paid. There are 2 reasons for this: Do me a favor or, here, do me a favor. I hope you understand I don't want to call anyone in the gov't crooks. Right today the bank is still set, the rates are still high. They have been notified of a specific time today and told it's the final time. The NDA will apply to everyone. The only new twist we're hearing about today is that right now, because of the time frame and the NDA, the cash out centers will not negotiate at all. You'll either take the rate or not because it's high enough. That's across the board every bank has that rate, as of this morning. They're trying to get everybody to get in and cash out and they think going from bank to bank could slow that down. We are waiting for an announcement about an agreement that's already been made. We, the knowledgeable people, must realize we're seeing political theatre. It's another life lesson that you guys have to learn by being involved in the dinar on a global scale. It's all politics. Based on what we've heard and know we should have been in the banks this morning. I'm still getting, right at this moment, it's going to be today. Right when I got on this call they were receiving notifications and times, additional people are called in, parking lot security prepared not at every bank. I say the same thing but it is what it is. We take all the info and learn from it. Put it to use after you get your money. It will be the same thing you go through in your life afterwards. They know you are the new person they do this all the time, moving millions of dollars. This is a priceless experience.
    T- All will sign the NDA and all will get the same rate, no matter how much you have.
    Q- will the rate stay the same for the entire 30 days?
    T- I have not heard of a flat rate. It still will float for 30 days because the market will be in flux and in play. I got that the 30 days started yesterday and would end 11/14. But it didn't start yesterday so it could need adjustment.
    Q- from PAM someone signed off a long time ago with a group and now can't get their name off that list.
    T- All I can tell you to do is got to Yahoo, Gmail, and get a new address and when you go to the bank or call the bank, use that one instead of the one you gave to the group. I will change my email address after I exchange. I don't want to be susceptible to viruses, spam, etc. Get a new email address.
    Q- Should I separate the IQN I'm giving to my family before I to my appointment so they can pay their taxes?
    A- Yes.
    Q- Can the NDA be challenged if you sign under duress?
    A- I've been told they have been instructed not to give you any money until you sign. They will freeze your account and it won't be settled within 15-20 days or 6 months- it might take years.
    Q- Will we have to sign an NDA if we exchange with a dealer?
    A- Not sure
    Q- can we exchange 1 note at Sterling to payoff reserves?
    A- they have an 800 number to ask them this directly.
    T- just got a text I'm trying to verify. I don't mind doing this live on the phone with you guys. Moving on.
    Q- Will Tony be able to provide us with ceiling rates prior to him signing his NDA?
    A- I don't think that's a relevant question now that they're not going to negotiate. I'm not sure how effective that will be since you're going to get a good rate anyway. Unless I can figure it out, I'm not going to put my family at risk for it. U$27.87 is a whole lot of money to start with! With the NDA, I'm pretty sure some of the attorney's listening can verify that as long as all of us who have signed NDAs are okay to discuss it- the circle of trust. I'm not sure we can post anything on the Forum.
    T- I'm being blatantly honest with you because yesterday DC told me I was confirmed to share this. I don't want mess up getting advanced info.
    Q- limit of U$500K for wires?
    A- Anyone wiring more than U$500K in the 1st 30 days will have their account frozen, per what a bank person told us. Someone working with the FED will be checking all of these wires. If you need to move more than U$500K use a cashier's check or your black card.
    Q- Regarding the one U$25K note to exchange with WF, need an appointment?
    A- They have the pamphlets 10-15 pages. You can walk in and exchange that one note. If that branch isn't involved in cashing out, they'll give you the pamphlet with instructions.
    Q- What is the date Iraq is dropping the zeros?
    A- I heard the 14th. DHS = Department of Homeland Security
    Q- What is the tax situation?
    A- Not sure, which is why I suggest putting aside 50%.
    Q- Are you Intel people told to tell you certain things tonight, tomorrow to hold off the RV and keep us in the game?
    A- Yes, they are told to tell me but I can verify it with other sources and they have the same story, so I know the story wasn't just for me.
    T- It gives me an understanding and sense of confidence during this process and that we will benefit from it even if we don't like it. I have all the confidence in the world that this will happen. I like the rates we're seeing. Can it go down? Yes, but even if it does it's more than we have today.
    Q- what can you tell us they don't want you to tell us?
    A- There is a deal done but it's timed coming to the front. It's all political theatre. I'm giving you the next script. It is there we're not going over the debt ceiling. CL did put out a memo that the US needs to get its fiscal house in order. That's ridiculous because it's already been said.
    Q&A STARTING NOW C = Caller T = Tony
    C- I haven't read Le Garde's message today but yesterday I asked her the question about this deal and she skated all around it. With the NDA, you have details no one else has. Have you seen all 3?
    T- Yes, I have reviewed all three.
    C- My source says the NDA only pertains to rates.
    T- I read it to you on the last call and it doesn't just pertain to rates.
    C- A former state Senator wrote recently that the NDA is totally unenforceable and unconstitutional. He might be walking into a fire with that thinking. There are a lot of people outside the circle of trust what happens if these people go out and write books, movies, etc. What are the implications of these other people outside the USA? If somebody wants to fight the NDA, that's up to them. I know who our gov't is and I have other things to do with my life. It's not so important to me to tell anybody else how I got my money. Why would I want to challenge our gov't when they made it possible for me to get this money in the first place? I just think it's going to be very, very difficult for them in a PR perspective to contain this.
    T- I agree with you, but they have a contingency plan in place for this. No NDA = no money.
    C- Is your thought that the Forex rate will show the U$27 rate or will it come in lower?
    T- I would think it would be the same as the bank.
    C- So now we could just go in and take the rate or risk the wait?
    T- Yes, that's a good summary. You want to gamble? It's coming out at U$27 +/- and you wait. So you go in and the hedge fund guys come in on Friday at 4PM and buy, push the rate up to U$34, but on Monday they sell it and it drops to U$26. Then on Wed it's back up to U$29 then back to U$20 in 1 day. They're saying they are taking that scenario off the table. They think 99% of us will take the rate and move on.
    C- With the US gov't shutdown going on, will the RV and announcement be the solution that comes out?
    T- I think they're close together. Don't know which comes first chicken or the egg, but the timing is close. Why would they be releasing the NDA if they weren't ready for it. The one I have is dated July. Now it's gone to people in the cash out centers. When it gets that close to the street we know they are ready.
    C- Clarify about freezing your account.
    T- Just don't wire in the 1st 30 days. Your PB or wealth manager should be able to explain that to you when you set up your accounts.
    C- Will people who have over U$10M get a better rate?
    T- No, I've heard that everybody gets the same rate regardless.
    C- We keep hearing different figures. Yesterday somebody said a figure half what you're saying. What do we make of this?
    T- I understand some are saying 3.44 or 3.68 and I understand that. But the banks and DC are all telling me these are the numbers because they are the one setting these. All of last year the fight was to get to U$30 and we're now close at U$27.84. That's close enough to me. I won't say they're wrong even though I don't think they are right. I will not discount why they think they way they do. I'm saying to get in and exchange right away for 2 reasons: that's what they want me to tell you and you just need to get in and get your money. The majority of people should just go in and get your money. Regarding the boards staying up, there's a good possibility we would shut it down post RV. But we may just change it to a site where you can share experiences, investments, etc. non dinar related. I'm still not going to be a partner with anyone. But discussing business opportunities, IPOs, etc. those are things I want to do with our friends.
    C- the stocks went up yesterday. Was that because of the Gov't or the RV?
    T- more that the gov't is playing nice, the debt ceiling is being raised and the US will not default.
    C- Are the baskets scheduled for January still going to happen?
    T- yes they are.
    C- I'm Canadian have you heard anything for Canada?
    T- no, not at all. All of our contacts are USA 3 letter agency types plus US people in Iraq. Our rates aren't going to be the same because we USA are getting a special rate. The Iraq rate will be U$3.44 and we’re getting U$27+ here in the USA. The dealers have to go by the CBI rates.
    C- You're saying the banks are showing the U$27.87 rates. Is that also showing in Canada?
    T- the last time we got info is that 5 other countries could see our rate. But it's not going to be on your teller
    C- I don't understand why people are making such a big deal about the NDA. We don't want anybody to know how we got this money. My question is did you find any proof they actually announced it in Iraq?
    T- whenever I tell you something like that it's because I have 6 people here who call their relatives in Iraq and confirm. We also have people with the biggest corp in Iraq, boots on the ground in Iraq, DC people, people in the green zone in Kurdistan all are people in strategic positions. On the Australian broadcast we hear about he said SHOULD happen soon. That's a key word.screens but at the wealth manager level. I can tell you this: we had someone go to Travelex 2 days ago that was told the new rates would be effective yesterday at 10:30 AM, to come back then. But it didn't happen. The 30 days was supposed to start yesterday. But it didn't happen. The plan is out there is just hasn't been executed.
    C- do they have to cash out all the whales first?
    T- They are cashing some people, but not whales. They are cashing out favors. We have verified that at several locations. There are people with power, positions, and privilege and we have to sit back and wait our turn. It is coming.
    C- I think you should use your public forum to put the fear of God in everybody about this NDA and security issues.
    T- DC will absolutely make examples of some people. There is also a list of people they will take this away from. They will let it be known in the dinar world. The intention is already there. They want people to know early on this will happen. My children are grown but I still will have to assign security to them, have them live behind gates, etc. People know me because I'm a public figure so I'm not taking any chances.
    C- Be aware of those you meet on this board asking you for your email and address. There are peeps right here, right now that are trying to figure out a way to get you involved in something so they can get your money. I'm not so much concerned about Vegas we are going to be comfortable and it will be all about investment opportunities or getting to know each other and build your own trust.Have you heard the rate on the VND?
    T- U$3.87 is the last rate I heard.
    C- Is there a 30 day limit on the VND?
    T- No, shouldn't be. That's a good question.
    C- Are you going to post the rates on your site?
    T- If I has a way to just restrict the site to us, I might. But I'm not sure about posting rates. But again, anyone can ask the bank, so it may be public knowledge. We may put it into the Forum so only members can log in and see them.
    C- When you exchange will you already have your account insured or will you do that after the fact?
    T- I don't think you can get that done in the 15-20 minutes. They have a specific thing to get done in that time frame. They're just trying to do the number get people in and out. You can do that when you meet with your wealth manager. I'm not making a quick decision. The banks will be flowing with money so I won't be worried about this in the first 38 hours. I'll let my financial advisors look at my documents and then proceed. Question from Chat Room regarding the email that supposedly went out to TNT members from another site. I'm not doing anything with these email addresses. I'm not selling the info from TNTDInar. The last thing I need to do is make money off you. I have all the money I need to make it thru the dinar, investments, etc. I can't control wherever else you gave your email address to. Yes, the list is valuable where else can you reach out to 20K millionaires?. But I have no need for it. I will send out text messages to let you know when it happens. I can promise you right this minute I won't be giving, showing, selling it TNT database to anybody.
    C- Don't you think the banks will use inside info about us?
    T- when you open your account they will send your info out to all your affiliates, unless when you set it up you specific they don't do that. You want those to go thru your personal banker or wealth manager. The tellers should not have access to that if you set it up through your PB or WM. You should set up a separate account for expenses. The banks have already set up task forces to handle bank employees who might have ill motives and do bad things.
    C- When we meet with the PB, will they offer a trust account and benefits? Will they do that then?
    T- Yes, when you meet with them they will offer all kinds of benefits. They want to become your right hand man. But I don't plan on leaving all my U$ with 1 company. I don't want 1 company controlling all my money. I will do that with outside sources.
    C- I did a reserve that expires on Sunday. Should I renew it or not because the RV is going to take place?
    T- that's a decision you have to make. I'm hearing right this minute they're trying to get this done today. There is a window today they've given and everybody is to be there. It is later today, but we just have to wait and see.
    C- My layaway was done in another state. Do I have to go back there to CE?
    T- I don't know but with most places you can put in a sell order and they can send it to you.
    C- Is the ZIM going to be in the basket?
    T- I'm hearing the rate has changed and it wasn't supposed to be in this basket but in January. But because we talked about it they changed it.
    C- With the ZIM they removed 6 zeros?
    T- I don't know it will be until it happens. I heard it was the AA series, then yesterday the BB series. I don't know. I just know there is a ZIM rate of .89 they are seeing.
    TONY- Thank you to the transcribers. I know we were within an hour or closer of this thing going off last night. They sent them home then brought them all back and stayed until 12:30 AM. This morning they came in and the rates are the same and they're being told it will happen today. They've been given a specific time which I won’t' give you. We are THAT close. With an agreement being announced we are that close to seeing this. People are frustrated but in position to make something happen today. Try and enjoy your day. I will be on calls all this afternoon. Hopefully one of those calls will be 800#s so we can have the greatest weekend ever.

    10-11-13 Stryker:
    Stryker Webcast Today 10/11/2013 A Special Unannounced Broadcast for On Demand Only I had a short window to interview Bluestar so I had to record it when I could and did not have time to send out a notice. You really want to watch this. My guest today is Bluestar John and he shares with us the question that he was able to ask IMF Chief Christine Lagarde at the 2013 World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings yesterday. We go over this and much more today. s/Questions after watch it: Best place to watch it: But here are the other two link too! Click & Play: Download to iPad or iPhone: Enjoy! Stryker Blog

    10-11-13 Stage2Omega:


    10-11-13 Okie Oil Man: Good Friday morning America, ships at sea and all our worldwide friends. As of late yesterday afternoon I was informed I would get my order to land either last night or early morning. I am still awaiting the order to land. There are no delays or problems that I am aware of. Conversely there are much information still classified that make me more optimistic than ever before. We have run the race and kept the faith that assures us of our blessing forthcoming. I am fully expectant of the notification authorization at any moment now. I will keep you informed blessings. RATES ON SCREEN IS STILL CONSISTENT. SEEMS LIKE SOME WHALES ON A PREFERENTIAL BASIS HAS BEATEN US TO THE BANK DON'T ASK FOR ELABORATION, AS I WON'T ANSWER. One question, did they get vouchers or the real deposit slips? MOOLAA THEY GOT THE REAL BUCKS. PLEASE NO PHONE CALLS OR IM'S I AM TOTALLY OCCUPIED ON ALL YOUR BEHALF DON'T BUG ME.

    10-11-13 Millionday: There is a plan in place with a timeline very good to know and better to see so there is some huge change coming and the timeline is now or miss the boat for the emerging markets to get on board and receive the benefits of the plan with the world bank and the IMF. great news! we are very close IMO.

    10-11-13 MarkZ: Yes the news has been as good as the boards say. I personally think they are a few days premature in telling you all to celebrate but they VERY well could be right. I THINK Columbus day could stall the public a day. This is a slippery beast at best but the process has really been rolling the past two weeks. History is in the making. So you think a few more days I think it COULD be, banks seem to think not though. I am EXCITED ABOUT WHERE WE ARE!


    10-11-13 PEACEWOMAN: If you are reading this message then you are involved in either the IQN and or the VNN Vietnamese Dong and as such need to be aware of important information regarding the coming revaluation which is set to occur at any moment. If you didn’t believe it before or doubted its validity then believe it now because it is happening. The Global Currency Reset has started and many countries of the world are revaluing their currency especially Iraq Dinar, Vietnam Dong, Indonesia Rupiah, China Yuan, Brazil Real, India Rupee and many others. This memo only concerns Iraq and Vietnam. Points to remember: As soon as the announcement is released by the banks and there will be four involved, BOA, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo and many minor satellite banks there will be 800 #s to call where you will need to make a bank appointment to do the exchange. You do NOT want to just walk in and expect a bank to deal with you and give you the best rates. For your sake and your security do NOT just walk into a bank. There are bad guys out there that will attempt to rob you of your currency if word leaks out. They know what is coming as it is. So please be careful. I will let you know which 800 numbers to call. The banks will ask you for information regarding your currency that you have on hand and will direct you to the appropriate bank to go to of your choice. When you talk to them please ask about what security measures that will be provided for your safety. You must be very careful in this regard. When you do go to the bank and this is very, very important you will use the following dialogue: I want to do a Currency Exchange for my IQN Iraqi currency and/or VNN Vietnamese currency. Do not at any time refer to your currency as either Iraqi Dinar also referred to as IQD or Vietnamese Dong VND or say you want to do a cash out. You can say I want to do a currency exchange for my IQN Iraqi currency or VNN Vietnamese Currency. I will let you all know how much to expect. The banks are making money on how much they will give you in an exchange so they will try to under value the exchange but if you know what the ceiling rate is then you will know what to expect and insist on. I will let you what that rate is. The ceiling rate means it’s the most they can offer. Remember that if you say IQD or Iraqi Dinar those words will trigger a different exchange category representing the old currency instead of the new currency which is also called Dinar but is referred to on the NASDAQ and the rest of the financial world as IQN. If you need to please write this sentence down to take with you to the bank so you can remember. I want to do a Currency Exchange for my IQN Iraqi currency and/or VNN Vietnamese currency. For those of you with large amounts of currency I would advise taking a small amount like a note or two to the bank. Set up your accounts and then make an appointment to come back later with the rest after you have set up the security measures. You have thirty days to get this taken care of with the banks. If you don’t you risk losing everything. Regarding your bank accounts and this is very, very important: For reasons that are too complex to go into here I am advising that if you have both currencies that you establish separate bank accounts for either. The main reason for this is that taxation will be different for both. For the IQN which will be Treasury backed it will be very necessary NOT to mingle with Federal Reserve Money which is what the VNN will be when it is exchanged. The IQN will have a different tax rate unknown at this time but the VNN will be taxed normally and as such you cannot put any USD money in that IQN exchanged currency account but most importantly put aside 50% of your money for taxes for both the !QN and VNN accounts. You do not want to default on paying Uncle Sam. It will haunt you the rest of your life and it could mean prison time. When you do have your money safely in the bank then I advise seeking a good reputable team of lawyers, CPA, wealth managers etc. One final note and this is the most important of all: It is estimated that there will be 4 million previously broke new millionaires in this country and within two years 80% of them will be broke again. Why? Because they will be the ones running up the street screaming as if their hair is on fire shouting I’m rich, I’m rich and buying everything under the sun and foolishly spending down their wealth. Be smart, be prudent don’t be one of the 80%. Some of you will be very very wealthy and the first inclination will be to spend, spend, spend. I strongly do not advise doing this. If people know you are now filthy rich or very rich then you will inundated by people asking for money especially charity organizations. But what really scares me is that if people know how wealthy you have become then you are also vulnerable especially if you have children, grandchildren or other loved relatives. Abduction is a very real thing in this world and there is no one that wouldn't pay millions to get their loved ones back. Be prudent and don’t broadcast by bragging to the world that you are now in a different place financially. Have a good story to account for the new car or truck or move to a rich neighborhood where it is expected that you would have a fancy car or truck. Don’t raise eyebrows with wonder and suspicion because rumor spreads when you are now driving a Bentley or BMW or draped in Gold and diamonds it would be very foolish and it could spread to desperate elements and they are everywhere and they will come after you. So please be careful. If you need to know more or help with this don’t hesitate to write me and I will help you. We are about to be given a tremendous blessing and the opportunity to help those less fortunate, to help change the world in some way. That I believe is part of our tithing, our giving back to God our God given gift. It is our chance to take care of ourselves by providing and ensuring all our futures and to make a difference in the world.
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