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Thread: Dinar Dectives 12-6 2013

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    6-12-13 Adam Montana: Awesome week for news I'm pretty excited about the Chapter 7 stuff lately. The recent articles show that Kuwait and Iraq signed 6 separate agreements aimed at getting out of Chapter 7, and it looks like there is a good chance that they are shooting for THIS MONTH to do it. Also in the news is a few hints that HCL is a priority so with those two things looming, there is a GOOD chance that we are looking for major news this month!Comment

    Frank26 Notes by BulldogFord65:
    • Frank read 2 postings from the forum to clarify some confusion about his comment that he is not looking for a rate in June; this does not mean he is not expecting anything to happen in June, rather it means that he is looking for far more than just a rate he is looking at patterns, movements, news articles, etc. on a global level rather than just looking only for a rate
    • Frank reviewed the events timeline from the emergency conference call we had on a Friday in March through now; to review, Frank is looking for:
    March: the GOI was given the power to RD; April: the GOI was given permission for Maliki and Barzani to work together on agreements we now see; May: the IMF had a second meeting with CBI and gave the green light, approved what they are doing; June: looking for the RD LD in country;
    July: RI international;
    Aug and Sept: RV international, market driven this is why it’s wise not to exchange more than needed in the first 90 days;
    Oct: USD will be changed to the new currency; this is the same timeline that Frank and his teams have been presenting, nothing has changed;
    Nov and Dec: hope to see you in Hawaii!
    • In Frank’s strong opinion, the rate that first comes out is a basement rate, watch for the first 90 days and beyond at what the rate does
    • Walkingstick has posted a lot of great articles, it’s good to review them
    • Interesting article posted by JJonesMX about Maliki’s visit to Kurdistan, and another article about police meeting with a new Maliki
    • Reviewed forum member’s questions: why is Frank not looking for a rate in June? This was already answered with the 2 postings that were read at the start of the call; what about June 19? Looking for payment to the citizens; What about June 27? Looking for UN to lift sanctions; why divide the month in halves for study? Because of the baskets, looking for them to lead the way
    • Reminder to us all not to ask for private information or additional information that is not released to the rest of the forum, it becomes an infection on the forum
    • Frank reviewed a couple of smoke articles that we have already seen the events take place
    • Another smoke article announced that the PM of Kuwait will arrive in Baghdad tomorrow; it is already confirmed that the PM of Kuwait is in Baghdad now; I Team is protecting him the articles are smoke for security
    • When we see the PM and the Emir of Kuwait show up, there are serious meetings going on! Can they be sent in prematurely before the citizens are paid and chpt 7 is lifted by the UN? Yes, and that signals something!
    • Article that F16’s are being delivered to Iraq; this is not possible under Chpt 7, yet they have been delivered but they cannot be used
    • All the other parts of Chpt 7 have been removed, only their currency is not international; notice they have received weapons, aircraft, they are importing, exporting, etc all of which is against Chpt 7 sanctions; only thing left to do is raise value of their currency
    • Frank suggested that we review WS’s post on the 6/10 thread, post #234 on the IDR
    • Many mandates and due dates in June; private banks have been given cash surplus and requested to finance projects; something has changed within Iraq for all of these things to be happening
    • WS post on the 6/11 thread, post #249; this is worth reading again and studying
    • Frank has let go of the US$hitting 86 it is doing what Eagle1 said it would do, it’s dropping in value
    • Frank opened a new file #7, looks like judges are being fired, the ones who helped Maliki steal from the CBI; they created court orders to enable him to steal; these judges are being replaced, and they are pro-American
    • Frank reviewed I Team movements from last week; last night, I Team called to say they were going now, not Friday; I Team secures and protects; they are back to Baghdad
    • The sectors are next
    • Don’t focus on O’s meeting with the Pres of China or the Bilderberg meeting in UK what really affects us is the first and second meetings in Kurdistan with Maliki and Barzani and then with the bankers
    • I Team is in place in Baghdad and all is secured, but at this time they do not know who they are there for, but they are very much encouraged that all is moving in the right direction for the RD; I Team opinion is that they will be guarding all the ministers and Turki, but they are not there yet; they are also securing the PM of Kuwait, there is a BIG meeting, opinion is that Talibani may be honored, but will not be moved there; I Team was engaged on the way to the Green Zone, but all are okay
    • I Team asked Frank to relay a message to Delta: they applaud Delta, want to meet him, shake hands, and send their love and respect to him
    • I Team authorized Frank to open the file and share with the family; I Team’s opinion is that this is the final meeting; it will involve all the key people already discussed and also many nations
    • In the eyes of the ME, although Baghdad is the capital, should not have the CBI sitting together with the GOI; the ME sees it as more appropriate that the CBI should be in another city; it’s a positive psychological aspect for security and stability to the RD and RV, and will unite the country; the relocation is down the road, not to happen overnight; the distance represents, neutrality, independence and respect to distance the money from the gov’t seat of power; the distance reduces the temptation to steal
    • Maliki was so tempted with the CBI so close that he used judges to make rulings to help him steal
    • Look for the CBI to be moved to Kurdistan , and watch Maliki not make a sound
    • Maliki was only able to steal what he was in control of, and the proximity to the CBI made it too easy, if the CBI was in Kurdistan, Maliki’s thievery would never have been allowed, it would have led to civil war
    • I Team issued an invitation to Delta to go to the Green Zone and “break bread” after the blessing occurs
    Eagle1 came on the call at this point
    • Eagle1 received new Intel regarding Basket 1, but Frank asked that he not release it; Eagle1 said to be very watchful and keep checking with banks for rates being released
    • Eagle1 said Basket 2 to be released later this week, which means Basket 1 is coming round the mountain
    • Frank asked if Basket 1 is released, who would release it? Eagle1 replied the IMF, and it will begin showing up on bank screens, so start checking with the banks periodically
    • Frank said I Team still of the opinion they need about 3 more weeks, but all is on track
    • Eagle1 said he is feeling REALLY good

    6-12-13 Stryker: I need your help to get the word out to all Dan's friends about My Memorial broadcast Service this Saturday, please read my blog for details and some great news about our investment is included as well: Here is my private link to last night's show, for some reason the show stopped and start but I am not going to post the other link and why I did your help, it had a message that did not get recorded:
    Download to cell phone or iPad:
    This blog will be short but full of great news and we need some great news right now. It was March 30th when Prime Minister al-Mubarak of Kuwait got so excited the day after Special Representative Martin Kobler of the UN and the Major of Basra announced that the two countries had agreed on the border demarcations 3 days earlier then the deadline of March 31st.
    The Kuwaiti PM said then that if Iraq gave him a special invitation to come to Baghdad that day he would be on a plane right then and there but after two days of him being excited and stating that he was ready to sign a special letter to the UN to release Iraq from Chapter VII something or somebody slowed him way down. Well yesterday we read that he would be on a plane to be there on Wednesday today and this time he has arrived and they are now talking about Chapter VII released by months end. Click and read: Kuwaiti Foreign Minister: will be discussed to remove Iraq from the sanctions imposed by the end of the monthHere Gamaray time lined all the Chapter VII articles from the month of June and all the way to his arrival to the Baghdad airport this morning: Kuwait, Iraq Chapter VII Articles for the month of June
    See I told you it would be short and I will go over these and the other news that points to Iraq reentering the International community shortly after this is completed on my show tonight. One more thing, the family of our friend SWFloridayGuy Dan has expressed to me that they just cannot handle a big memorial service as we can all understand but they have furnished me with several pictures and a comment that I will share with whomever would like to catch my Special Memorial Broadcast this Saturday at 12:00 noon CST right here on this webpage: Please help and get the word out as Dan had so many that respected what he was and continues to do as this WebTV Show was a project launched because of him as well, I will explain this and more as: The Life of SWFloridaGuy Dan! A Special Memorial Broadcast for our Friend. If you would like to speak at the memorial service please email me at: Comment



    6-12-13 Bluwolf: Good morning; just a brief cameo appearance, just here to stated that we are still looking good and still waiting like the banks for our green light for the call numbers, folks the rates are high and hard in the double digits period. I cannot precise on certain important groups that are supposed to be exchanging somewhere in the south west, some state there in and exchanging others state that they are not only leading me to believe that once they have signed into their nda's that the information gets either distorted or goes silent. IMO I assume they are gone now and we are now at the door, let’s just leave it as a gut feeling. Reminder, please have all paperwork ready, remember to open non-bearing interest accounts, remember that this is a private act between you and the bank and that no one else needs to know where you’re going or how much you are holding, be wise and be secure at all times. Make sure to blend in and just be transparent when around and in the bank. Go in do your business once finish get out of the area promptly and like just disappear into the sunset if you get what I mean. I know that it has been a very long ride for all but please rest assure that we are already there, just a call away. So be in peace, stay safe and enjoy your new lives once your monies appear, stay in harmony with the world’s reality, and in other words be wise. Guard your new riches well, invest in other currencies and assets and you will be good guaranteed. Please do not be mad at Recaps for having less info coming from us Gurus, see I retired and others who are also responsible gents are not giving out info neither for we know all is done and we only await that certain phone call and email for there is nothing else to speak about for all has been said, all has been covered. So be in peace, be healthy and safe, be bless and happy journeys to all. Puerto Rico preparence que pronto les tendre la informacion y los numeros pa llamar. Dios me los bendiga. Comment

    6-12-13 Flashing: If you are not excited you will never be. Just for your information this visit has been postponed over and over again since December. Why because this is the one that settles any single difference between both countries and makes possible the release of ch 7 and of course the RV. The bilateral agreements that I have told you for months are the ones that will be signed up tomorrow Wednesday. OK guys forget about the $3 something rate. IMO, it will be high. By the way just to make something clear, I am not calling the RV now. I know that tomorrow is the change in the UN rates but I am not calling the RV yet. By the way ch 7 is not done yet. However, I think it will be during this week, at least in substance. It is time to get all your things ready because it is post time for the Belmont Stake. There will be no more long time wait. There will be no more excuses it is coming and it is a reality. Again I expect a great report from the UN on Friday. After tomorrow IMO we will just waiting for the announcement of both things. Please have ready a list of the professionals that you will use during the exchange and after RV. Comment

    6-12-13 Hub: Looks like the dinar world may be heating up my contacts along with others have said its done for a month now think on this I think maybe the economic end could have been done because that's what my people deal in and with my one contact saying he saw the lower denoms on the street in Iraq this could be coming to a head with this impromptu meeting with the Kuwait guy to me sounds logical and who knows, this might be it? Comment

    6-12-13 Randy Koonce: It has not RV'd there is not tiers that have cashed waiting on the next tier. Now June is looking good but there is no confirmation on it happening yet in all reality we are in the same boat since December 29 Other than the debt was extended to Sept 2nd. I do know people thought I was crazy when I gave the May 19th to August window but that window is still good I do hope that June becomes our month but it is so political that we will just have to wait and see how well our President gets on with the scandals, the more pressure on them the better for us. So the Last two weeks of June are looking promising but do not get hopes to high. If you see info on Bank screens flashing then just pull your pants legs up and walk on by. If anyone says that the IMF is going to force this and make Iraq do this RV, then just pull your pants up and walk on by. We are waiting on Obama to bless this thing and when he does we will be over. Breathe this ride is coming to an end. PS the Kuwait emir in Baghdad was a big thing. Comment
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